Artist Statement
Heidi has been designing jewellery, in the Toronto area, since 1996 and has had the opportunity to attend a couple of exhibitions to show and sell her work. She has been featured on City T.V. breakfast television and Sue Warden's Craftscapes T.V. show. Her work varies from traditional wedding bands to her own designs and also to movie props for films such as "The Borrowers" and "Three to Tango".

Heidi's primary medium of work is gold, platinum, and silver. She sometimes combines her metal with gemstones, diamonds, wood and acrylic resin. Each piece is skillfully crafted to combine the materials together to create a harmonious effect, each unique in its own form.

Heidi enjoys subtle details such as hidden stones inside pieces or a hidden opening at the back of a pendant. Her attention to detail makes her simple shapes come to life each as their own unique piece.

As a graduate of both The Ontario College of Art and George Brown College, Heidi feels she has benefited greatly from both different styles of schools. Heidi has worked at George Brown College as a technician and taught night classes.

Heidi is always happy to help someone come up with their own design along with her style to create unique and wonderful jewellery.

Heidi Schnabel


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